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It is under 14, cloudy weather, winds 30 km / hr and gusts 39 km / hrs that Prime Minister Philippe Couillard will meet the victims of the Metropolis.

The civil security report on the noon hour was that they had 1550 victims and evacuees coming from the regions of Mauricie, Center-du-Québec, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Montreal and Outaouais.

Precipitation causes 350 bridges and roads to be severely affected. Some might collapse in the next few days.

Firefighters in Montreal have had 400 calls in a few hours

Link to monitor the status of watercourses in the province:

In the last few hours, we have been working at Sable Marco in Pont-Rouge. More details on the portneufvois business: https://www.registreentreprises.gouv.qc.ca/RQAnonymeGR/GR/GR03/GR03A2_19A_PIU_RechEnt_PC/PageEtatRens.aspx? T1.JetonStatic = f4da5936-933d-47d4-8d9f-d5c68b3f13ac & T1.CodeService = S00436

The company's spokesman (Jason Buissière) told the CBC to expect to deliver 50,000 bags of sand by Monday.

In May 2011 he had booked 250,000 in Montéregie after the Richelieu had left his bed.

The good news of the first Saturday of the month of Mary is that 400 soldiers of the military base of Valcartier will be in mutual aid to the sinitrés in the next hours. Especially in Mauricie, Montreal and Rigaud.

Around 10.30 am the 1st convoy of 32 vehicles and 100 soldiers took the road.

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