Avatar dotx

Dotx el 17/01/2009


Avatar lucyinthesky_8

Lucyinthesky_8 el 12/01/2009

si, soy yo...no se como me atrevo a subir esta foto....demasiado exhibicionismo....

Avatar atodoonada14

Atodoonada14 el 09/01/2009

me re gustan las fotos q pones!


un beso!°


Avatar lucyinthesky_8

Lucyinthesky_8 el 09/01/2009

con el frío que hace hoy en Sevilla....apetece bastante!

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    This is a spinoff of sequential_nmbrs. Here you will find all the numbers that didn`t make it - either they were uploaded too late (or never because they have been there already) or they were not rule-compliant. They do not have to be in sequential order or unique, just numbers. And if you have a nice story to go with the picture, feel free to add it to the image description.

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    This is a group fotolog for your best and brightest photos of the omnipresent traffic cones, orange or otherwise. We`ve all got 'em. Let`s see 'em.

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