Avatar pwolman

View from West Seattle

el 30 September 2014 en Washington, United States 949 Vistas

Cámara digital : Canon / DSLR

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 el 22/11/2016

Aunque ya te felicité por el otro lado, tembien vá mi felicitacion por aqui ...


Avatar mauromero

Mauromero el 25/02/2016

Paul, it was always a pleasure to come and see your pics. I guess this platform is coming to an end. I hope you keep taking these awesome pictures. I have been living in LA for five years now. Married and happy. I hope the best for you my friend!

Avatar jcme

Jcme el 06/12/2015

Beautiful pictures!

Avatar jcme

Jcme el 06/12/2015

Beautiful, only drove through Seattle, but I had respect!

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 el 19/11/2015


Un abrazo.

Avatar evergreen3

Evergreen3 el 17/10/2015

Gorgeous ! This is the very view I grew up with, having lived on Gatewood Hill, just above Fauntleroy. I was a very lucky girl!

Avatar cristyblue

Cristyblue el 27/05/2015

Hello, Dear Friend!!!

I see you also left your flog behind :(

I´m trying to come back to "Normality" :D



Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 el 27/04/2015


Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 el 11/01/2015

FELIZ 2015 ¡¡

Avatar pcygo

Pcygo el 12/12/2014

So, this is a view of Seattle!
But where are you, Paul, we don't see you as regular on Fotolog as before?

Avatar evergreen3

Evergreen3 el 08/12/2014

First of all, West Seattle is where I grew up, so this is so personal to me. Secondly, the layer upon layer upon layer is my personal goal in most of my photos. Such depth, so beautiful. Wonderful work Paul.

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 el 19/11/2014


Avatar mad_max_2050

Mad_max_2050 el 28/10/2014

Amazing image Paul!

Avatar beata_horala

Beata_horala el 26/10/2014

beautiful - as always

Avatar timppa555

Timppa555 el 21/10/2014

a great view

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